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About Us

About Us 

Technews is that the initial of its reasonably fashionable venture existent in West Pakistan. it's for the primary time within the history of this nation that an outsized scale project of such nature, evolved from an awfully revolutionizing thought to a sensible fulfillment.

In this epoch, English language enjoys the standing of being the "Lingua Franca" (Universally accepted, widespread Language) consequently leading to nearly ninety fifth of the websites exclusively functioning in English, as a medium of communication. On the opposite hand, considering our native Pakistani heap, majority of the people will neither scan, nor perceive English. Keeping this reality in thought, Technews emerged as a ray of hope, a breath of contemporary air, breaking the barrier for that ninetieth of the population, existent in West Pakistan, World Health Organization ar currently ready to establish themselves with all that this web site has got to supply. they will relish the privilege of having the ability to scan, comprehend, and enlighten themselves with the wide range of data and amusement sections offered by Urdu purpose, that is entirely supported their own language, English. Pakistani's ar currently ready to savor truth essence of their identity and origin. english

Point, the sole English computing device that has extended a significant contributory hand in promoting the national language of West Pakistan, with its various amounts of sections bestowed in English language.

It was time for Pakistanis to achieve on the far side the monotony of gratification in uselessly restricted activities like chatting and scrutinizing footage over the internet! Technewsen efforts well-tried fruitful, and therefore the team was a Technewsen to create the net, a a lot of important and constructive supply for the typical Pakistani net user. strives on the aim of making Associate in Nursing cogent and resistless presence on-line, resulting in a positive and per Technewsen manent transformation within the lives of the voters of West Pakistan and every one people who encounter the expertise of viewing the web site.

Technewsen the vision set forth by a bunch of young professionals. Associate in Nursing solely personal and self-implemented effort, Technewsen speaks for itself as a primary example of the talent, originality, passion and ability that the youth of the country possess. Associate in Nursing during this case of these qualities amalgamate, to serve a national purpose. transferral the concept of Technewsen life, and so maintaining its elevated commonplace, was no simple task. the number of your time, effort, and resources exhausted within the execution of this project weren't minor by any potential standards. In fact,

Technewsen organization operated and sustained albeit there was no external support either extended by neither any major corporation nor the govt.. This actual fact didn't hinder the website's practicality, or its shining entity, therefore proving that the minds of the young proficient cluster of people were free from the aim of feat industrial gains. Rather, their plan of Associate in Nursing action was a lot of therefore meant towards feat ethical satisfaction, by serving their nation.

The response Technewsen received from the world lots has been extraordinary and exceptionally pleasing. the net users of our country have welcome the positioning with huge enthusiasm, and therefore the quantity of appreciation and admiration Technewsen has received isn't solely gratifying, however additionally terribly encouraging, boosting the esteem of the team that has devoted most to the present organization Technewsen. serrves a lot of Technewsen than one hundred Million internet users each month!

With truth blessings of the Almighty, has sailed through eighteen successful years of internet excellence. is the Technewsen largest computing device of West Pakistan, line of work numerous guests each month!. With the launch and instant success of Technewsen instills nice satisfaction in United States, for we have a tendency to ar on our thanks to attain what we have a tendency to primarily has in mind i.e. to create the net Associate in Nursing integral a part of each subject of West Pakistan and to unite all Pakistani's inside a network that reaches on the far side the geographical boundaries. we have a tendency to humbly invite you to advertise at . Technews enLet's begin a replacement dimension of advertising, and unveil yet one more promising side on the in ternet, through this medium. {you ar|you're} welcome to go to Technewsen and choose for yourself what Technewsen withholds! Its horizons are receptive all people who believe originality and perfection, at its best. 

Name; Muhammad Awais

City- Lohare

State- West Pakistan

contact:- wab.tech49@gmail.com

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